Native Pollinator Pack

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Native Pollinator Pack

12-18 in.
Includes: 2 Red-osier Dogwood, 2 Choke Cherry, 2 American Plum, 2 Meadowsweet, 2 Pasture Rose

These plants have been selected for characteristics that have special attraction to our native pollinators: bees, butterflies, moths, and others. Their leaves provide larval food for caterpillars, and the nectar and pollen of the flowers provide nutrition for the winged adults. If you would like to learn more about attracting pollinators to your yard visit

Red-osier Dogwood
(Cornus stolonifera): Dense, fast-growing to 3-9 ft in sunny, moderately wet/wet places. White flowers in June followed by white berries in late summer/fall. Showy red stems.

Choke Cherry
(Prunus virginiana): Large shrub/small tree grows slowly to 20-30 ft. May form thickets. Widely adaptable to soil and light conditions. Fragrant, white flowers in April-May. Fruit is consumed by upland game birds, songbirds, woodpeckers, and many mammals.

American Plum
(Prunus americana): Multi-trunked tall shrub/small tree which grows in full sun to part shade in dry to medium sites. Grows at a slow to moderate rate to 10-25 ft. White flowers in spring. Round, yellowish-red one inch fruit in late summer. Can be used for preserves and jellies.

(Spirea alba): Grows at a moderate rate to 2-4 ft. Prefers full sun and moist to wet soils, even temporary standing water. White flower clusters up to 6 inches long at the top of plant June – Sept.

Pasture Rose
(Rosa carolina): Somewhat prickly erect shrub up to 3 ft tall. 2-3 inch pink flowers in early summer followed by bright red rose hips. Grows at a moderate rate in full to partial sun in average to dry conditions. (Note: this plant is NOT the invasive, rampantly growing Multiflora Rose frequently seen in the Lapeer area!)


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