Native Wetland Pack

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Native Wetland Pack

Size:  12-18 inches

Includes:  2 Spice Bush, 2 Pussy Willow, 2 River Birch, 2 Buttonbush, 2 Nannyberry

Spice Bush – attracts wildlife including over 20 species o birds.  Native Americans used dried fruits as a spice and the leaves for tea.  Has a sweet, spicy fragrance of stem, leaves and fruits when bruised.  Yellowish flowers March-April.  A nicely shaped shrub with deep green leaves turning bright yellow in the fall.  Good choice for shady locations but can tolerate full sun.  Moist soil is best.

Pussy Willow – A narrow shrub with mature height 12-36 feet.  Flowers are dense catkins before leaf emergence in the later winter or early spring.  Twigs can be put in water and the flowers forced at warm temperatures.  Attracts butterflies.  Prefers damp soils and is shade intolerant.

River Birch – Used in native-oriented landscapes.  Considered borer resistant.  Has a gray-brown to ivory or copper colored bark.  The wood is used for fuel and inexpensive furniture, basket hoops and turned articles; toys and artificial limbs.  It is shade intolerant.  Does well on somewhat poorly drained to well drained soils.  Mature height 40 – 70 feet

ButtonbushCephalanthus occidentalis
Growth: Moderate        Sun, Sun/Shade      Moderate/Moist
Used for ornamental planting for its nectar source in butterfly gardens and native plant landscapes. Used on slopes to prevent soil erosion.   An important wetland shrub with exceptional wildlife benefits.
Mid – late summer, white, dense ball-shaped flowers extremely rich in nectar bloom, attracting butterflies. Tolerates clay with high water table.
Reaches 6-12′ at maturity.

NannyberryViburnum lentago

Size: 12-18 inches      Sun, Sun/Shade, Shade     Dry/Moderate/Moist                                                                    White flowers in May-June. Bluish fruit in Sept. Burgundy fall color. Forms thickets. Benefits pollinators, butterflies, birds. Growth – M      Reaches 15-30′ at maturity.



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