Staghorn Sumac

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Staghorn Sumac

Ht:  Up to 25 ft

Soil:  Well-drained, but widely tolerant of all but wet soils

Sunlight:  Full sun

Rate of Growth:  Fast


Known for its brilliant red fall color, Staghorn Sumac spreads by root suckers to form large colonies – great for mass plantings. (Unwanted suckers can be mowed or removed to keep plants manageable.) Bees and butterflies are highly attracted to the clusters of yellow-green flowers that appear in June/July. Dense, fuzzy clusters of dark red fruits appear in early fall and are often persistent through winter, serving as an emergency food source for game birds and nearly 300 species of songbirds.  Generally, male and female flowers are on separate plants, so don’t buy just one or two. Staghorn Sumac is not poisonous!


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