White Flowering Dogwood

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White Flowering Dogwood

White Flowering Dogwood   Cornus florida

Seedling 2-3 feet

Mature Height:  15-30 feet.  Sun:  sun to shade tolerant    Soil: moderate;  can be sensitive to drought

This tree is frequently planted around homes and office buildings because when it is in full bloom it is very showy and it of a manageable size. Bark has blocking design, which are plate like scales forming an alligator hide like pattern.  Leaves turn BRIGHT SCARLET in autumn.  The leaves decompose fast thus adding necessary minerals to the soil. Flowers May or early June with large white to light pink 4 petaled flowers.  The fruit is choice fall and winter food of the gray squirrel and fox squirrel, bobwhite, cedar waxwing, cardinal, flicker, mockingbird, robin, wild turkey and the woodpecker.  

Wood is heavy, strong and used for golf club heads, spools, mallets.  This tree can be sensitive to drought but does well with extreme temperature fluctuations.  

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