Shagbark Hickory

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Shagbark Hickory

Shagbark Hickory  Carya ovata 

Seedlings: 12-18 inches

Sun: Full sun (6 hours direct light daily); Partial sun/shade (4-6 hours light daily)

Growth:  Slow; long lived    Moisture: Moderate; tolerant of drought but not of a prolonged high water table because of a large tap root.

Matures to 60-70 feet tall; has a straight trunk;  slight tapering

Bark gray on young trunks and will separate at one or both ends and curve outwards giving it the shaggy appearance. Wood is hard, strong and used for sports equipment, tool handles, furniture.  Fruits in October with nut enclosed in a husk and is edible and sweet.  

Wildlife such as cavity-nesting birds, small mammals and songbirds enjoy utilizing this tree.  Relatively free of disease and pest insects. 

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