Equipment for Rent

Hand Planters

To make the job of planting your seedlings (or bulbs) easier, we have hand planters available to rent for $7. We charge a $35 deposit when the planter is picked up and, when it is returned, you get a $28 refund. (Planter must be returned within 14 days for refund.)

Mechanical Tree Planter

The district has a mechanical tree planter that requires a tractor with a three-point hitch. The minimal rental rate is $100 for the first day and $50 for each additional day. A deposit of $100 is required to rent the tree planter. The deposit, plus the total rental fee must be paid in advance. To reserve your planting date call the District office: 810-664-0895, ext.5.

No-Till Drill

Thanks to the combined efforts of the Department of Natural Resources, Ducks Unlimited, and Pheasants Forever, our District has a 6-foot Truax no-till grass seeder available to rent for native habitat plantings. It is equipped with 3 seed hoppers to accommodate the fluffy seed of native grasses, small wildflower seed and regular grain seed. It requires a 40-horse tractor (or larger) with hydraulics to operate the drill. The rental cost is a minimum of $215.00 for use of the drill which includes set-up, local delivery and up to 10 acres planted. Any acreage in excess of 10 acres will be charged an additional $10 per acre. We require a down payment of $65 prior to delivery. Call our office to reserve your planting date. Please note: The drill is not to be used for planting cash crops, pasture, or hay for harvest!